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News and Important Notifications

 The Commodores picnic is this weekend, on Sunday starting at noon at the Seidel`s house
just west of the Island.
We have a summer lunch planned for $ 10.oo a head, please bring cash or a check.
There will be a canoe race so please bring as many canoe`s as possible.
Also on our schedule will be tug of war, the egg toss, volley ball, kids soccer and games.
PLYC merchandise will also be displayed by Heidi Von Hagke to buy.
This is a PLYC social event so please bring a friend, it`s always a great time.
It looks like summer is here, the weather should be sunny and in the 80`s.
The PLYC hope to see you on Sunday.

Bill Biersach WINS the Lake Country Challenge in 2 races and PLYC brings the paddle back to Pine Lake with the club win.

Thanks to Bill, Tim Fredman, Bruce Gallagher and Mike Gehl for participating.  Great sailing!
Great job to all the parents and sailors who worked and sailed in the TRAP last week.  There were 55 boat registered - a very good turn out.  But only one day of racing due to light wind.  See the "Regatta's at Pine" tab for results and pictures.

The Village Board of Trustees of the Village of Chenequa, Wisconsin, does hereby ordain and adopt Section 4.02(4)(e) relating to boating speed restrictions on Pine Lake.

In accordance with Wisconsin Statutes §33.23(1), the following is created and adopted: (4) SPEED RESTRICTIONS.  (e) DAYTIME SPEED RESTRICTIONS, NIGHTTIME SPEED RESTRICTIONS. A person shall operate or use a motorboat or personal watercraft at speeds no greater than 45 miles per hour from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset each day. A person shall operate or use a motorboat or personal watercraft at slow-no-wake speed from one hour after sunset each day until one hour before sunrise of the next day.

The Wisconsin DNR has grandfathered all existing piers as of March 31,  2012. New piers must be approved in advance but existing piers do not need a permit. Click here for a link to the DNR site.

Tom Schubert did some research on his home and came across this interesting article that was published 1895 that describes his home and the surrounding area in great detail. If you are interested in local history take a look.  Kirkwood article

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