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Officers and Directors

Name Title Year
Margaret Hollister
Commodore  2017
Tom Marshall Vice Commodore
Melissa Myers
Treasurer 2018
Lindsey Hagen
Secretary 2018
David Meier   2017
Julie Meier   2017
Bob Fiedler   2018

















Chief Judge                                         Bill Biersach

Fireworks                                            Ted Rolfs

ILYA Representative                           Margaret Hollister

Island & Racing Equipment               Bob Fiedler                   

Regatta Chair                                      Ted Rolfs

Racing Schedule                                 Tom Marshall

Social Activities                                   David and Julie Meier

PLYC Merchandise                              Nique Hostetler

Trophies                                               Leslie Barkow and Margaret Hollister

Web and Windword Editor                 McKenna Bryant

Yearbook Editor                                   McKenna Bryant




Appeals Committee

Chairman                                             Bill Biersach


WYA Delegates

Ted Rolfs
Jim Zaiser


Committee selected from panel composed of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Chief Judges or Fleet Captains, as appropriate to the particular circumstances.


This directory is published for the convenience of the PLYC members and their families.  The information contained herein is not for public use.


Special thanks to Melissa Myers, Nina Fiedler, JoJo Neumann, Andy Schubert and Dwyn von Bereghy for Yearbook photos.