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Commodore's Message - May 2018



In the words of first Pine Lake resident, Gustav Unonious, in 1841,” At last we came to the shore of one of the beautiful lakes we had seen on our trip.”

Pine Lake continues to inspire its visitors from the mid-19
th century with the arrival of the Unonious family to present day multi-generational residents. Pine Lake and its Yacht Club members have seen many changes since that era.

From electric service installed in 1915 to satellite dishes today,

From early morning horse carriage departures to driverless vehicles,

From the 38-foot A boat named Dorla to an E Boat named the Maash Pit,

From 31 residents in 1890 to 144 residents in 2018,

From formal attire with starch collars to barefoot party goers,

From 29 junior sailors in 1937 to almost 40 today,

From the youngster’s vs old-timers race in 1924 to the Best of the Best,

In spite of the changes many of our traditions have remained the same.  From old wooden boats to the awarding of the Albert Gallun Trophy.

Generation after generation, the terminology remains as consistent as the
rudders which are required to manipulate the course of ever changing winds with a slight movement of a skipper’s hand.

Our forefathers had a vision that spanned multiple generations, as we still share the same strategy to preserve the natural beauty we call home. We are still blessed to maintain these many traditions as the sailors continue to heed consistent winds.
Each day is born with a sunrise and ends in a sunset, the soft glow ends a brilliant day on the shores of this most serene lake.

Wishing you a delightful summer,

Tom Marshall