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Commodore's Message - May 2017



Welcome to the 127th year of the Pine Lake Yacht Club! We are looking forward to a very busy and fun summer and utilizing the new south pier!

2016 was a year of change for the Pine Lake Yacht Club. The Sailing School is now independent of the Yacht Club as a 501(c)3 educational organization as voted on by the membership with an overwhelming majority and enormous participation. JoJo Neumann continues as the President of the Sailing School and is doing a fabulous job of not only instilling a love of sailing and the lake to our young sailors, but also to those sailors who do not live on Pine Lake. The future of sailing looks healthy going forward and we look forward to seeing a lot of kids on the water this summer!

The PLYC will be hosting three Junior regattas this summer; the lake will be a busy place! The first is in June with the T.R.A.P.  on the 27th and 28th at the Marshall residence on Treasure Island, followed by a trip to the Harned’s for the BOP’N July 19th for the X-Boats and the 20th for Optis. We will for the first time as WYA members, be hosting the X-WYA Championships on July 22nd and 23rd at the Zaiser’s.

These are great opportunities for us to come together and host meaningful sailing experiences for all the area sailors, while creating amazing memories of sailing and having fun. It will be a lot of work and we will need everyone who can help to offer their services to make these truly wonderful events. 

Our two adult fleets look as strong as ever and I encourage everyone to get out and watch them sail on Saturday and Sunday mornings! They are beautiful to watch and the competition is fierce! Bring come coffee and breakfast and enjoy your morning on the water! These fleets both look to be very competitive around the ILYA and beyond as well!

Come on out and cheer them on!

Would you like the opportunity to get onboard one of the Junior or Adult fleet boats?  Would you like to see what it is like aboard a boat you have never been on before or gain experience? Please be sure to contact JoJo Neumann, one of the skippers or me! We are only too happy to have you join in the fun!

Our Social Calendar looks wonderful thanks to the efforts of Nina Fiedler and Dave and Julie Meier! Things start off with the Opening Cocktail Party at Chenequa Country Club on Sunday, May 28th followed by the 2nd Annual Sock Burning on the Island on Monday the 29th at 12:00 noon! Kick off summer by showing the Weather Gods that summer has arrived and you will not be wearing socks again for the foreseeable future! Bring refreshments of your choice and an old sock or two to throw into the fire and start summer on the right, and sockless foot! The 4th of July as always, is a highlight of the summer! Be sure to order your flares and join your neighbors on the Island for a fabulous picnic! Check the calendar for Ladies Nights, Barge Parties and the Commodore’s Picnic!  Remember, the Island is also available for your use! Bob Fiedler is the man to call to make sure it is available for your gathering! 

New this summer, we are introducing a very loose and unstructured gathering on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 beginning on June 13th for Kayakers and Paddle Boarders! If you are interested head out to the lake around 9:00 and look for other fellow paddlers! This can become more structured if that is what everyone wants, with a set meeting place for example, or a rotating meeting place.  It is up to you! Want to start at 8:00 with coffee somewhere? Go for it! Have fun with it and enjoy the early mornings on the lake!

In closing, I would again remind everyone that as a yacht club, we run 100% on volunteer labor. There are any number of ways you can help keep our social and sailing events as memorable and fun as always and have us looking forward to them every year! From helping with the RC for a regatta, manning the grill at the Commodore’s Picnic or serving on the Board, the list is boundless! The PLYC is a very special place on a very special lake and it takes all of us contributing to keep it that way! The Board and I thank you in advance for your contributions! 

Here’s to a spectacular 2017 season!  Sail fast! Have a blast!


Margaret R. P. Hollister