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Welcome to the 2016 PLYC Sailing School


February 29, 2016


Dear PLYC Sailing School Parents:


It is time to start thinking about summer!  Sailing School starts in less than 3½ months, and we sincerely hope that your child will be joining us for the 2016 season.  


We are still in the process of hiring instructors so if you know of anyone who is interested please let me know. I am, however, happy to report that Jack Behrends will be back and will be working exclusively with the X Boats. In addition, Alex Keck from Nagawicka will be joining us as our lead Opti coach and as an assistant instructor for the X Boats.


We have some important changes to our program this year.  We have added a new crew option for X Boats, and we are changing the way we handle Parent Patrol. 

  • Extra Crew:  This option is for kids who want to learn how to crew on an X-boat, but are not currently connected with a skipper. There will be many opportunities for these kids to get on a sailboat, but they will also learn and have fun by just being out on the water with the coaches and the other kids.
  • Parent Patrol:  In general, we will no longer have Parent Patrol for the X Fleet, Intermediate Opti and Racing Opti classes. However, we would like to keep a ratio of one instructor per 4 X boats and one instructor per 6 Optis. So if for some reason we are short handed on any particular day, we will reach out to you to see if you can be an extra set of eyes that day. Thank you in advance for volunteering! As for Learn To Sail, we will continue to have Parent Patrol as we have had in the past. This has proven to be helpful as it frees up the instructors to have more one-on-one sailing time with your child. We will email an LTS Parent Patrol schedule by the end of May.        

This year we will be hosting the TRAP and the QUAD. We ask that all parents help with these regattas—regardless of whether or not your child is participating as the proceeds from these events benefit all children in Sailing School. We will alert you when it is time to sign up for a job! Thank you for volunteering.


Don’t forget to save the date for our Annual Sailing School Picnic. This year it will be on Sunday, June 12th at 5 pm at the home of Victoria and Frank Boucher. The entire family is welcome.  An invitation will be sent in May by email. 


Looking forward to a great summer!


JoJo Gehl Neumann

On Behalf of the Sailing School Committee